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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know I haven't been very good at updating lately, but the holiday season has been kinda hectic. Lawson took her first plane ride to go visit Nana and Poppa in NC for Christmas. She did really good on the plane. The only time that she got fussy is when she was sleepy, but other than that the trip was smooth sailing. Too bad she's too young to start earning frequent flyer miles, because I think she's going to love to travel just like her mom.

And of course she put on the charm on the airplane. She was one of five babies on our flight, but she seemed to capture everyone's attention. She was so cute and charming that one lady asked if we would mind if she took her picture. She said that she was a landscape photographer and had never done portraits, but that Lawson was so beautiful that she just had to photograph her. After the flight she asked for my email address so she could send me the photos that she took. I must say, if this was her first time doing portrait photography, I'd love to see some of her landscape work; because I think these pictures of Lawson are amazing, I'm glad I agreed to let her photograph her.