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Monday, December 7, 2009

First UNSCHEDULED trip to the doctor

Well we had our first unscheduled trip to the doctor today. Lawson's been having this runny nose for about three or four weeks now. We thought it was just because she was teething. Yes you read that correctly, our 5 month old has two teeth coming in on the bottom. The first tooth broke the surface on her 4 month birthday, but back to the doctor visit. So we thought the runny nose was due to her teething, but it's gotten gradually worse and then she developed a cough with it. This past weekend Sean & I were battling our own sickness (you know typical winter stuff) and Lawson decided that she was going to stop being a good eater and sleeper. So we took off the the doctors office first thing this morning. Diagnosis......double ear infection. I had no idea that my baby was so sick. She never showed any signs that her ears were bothering her other than not really eating very well. So she was giving a round of good ole amoxicillin and we'll see how things go. Oh and by the way, she's up to 15 lbs. now. So as you can see she's a good eater and if that ever slows down it a sure sign to us that something is wrong.

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